"I made US$150,000 in less than 24 hours
using what Kane taught me!"

By using Kane's process for my consulting business, I was able to go from a US$100,000 contract to a US$250,000 contract in less than 24 hours. Basically, he taught me this stuff, I called my client, she LOVED what I proposed and she said YES straight away. That's US$150,000 in a day! These guys are the real deal - they completely rock! They will make you a rockstar like you couldn't believe!

Robyn Lui
Social Change Strategist
If you're a business owner, manager, consultant, agent, freelancer or own a private practice (or someone thinking about going into business), let me show you how to standout from your competition and transform any average business into an industry leader!

But a word of caution …

This is only for those who are serious about learning powerful techniques that will massively increase bottom-line profits, outperform any economy or gain an unfair advantage over your competitors using the Industry Rockstar formula.

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My name is Kane Minkus and I am the creator of the Industry Rockstar – a revolutionary business success formula that has helped over 350,000 professionals worldwide turn their businesses around within an amazing short period of time.

I have also consulted and worked with global companies such as Amazon, Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Sony, IBM and Disney just to name a few …

For the past 8 years, I have been coaching in 12 different countries and also had the privilege to personally work with influential leaders and top business minds such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Sir Richard Branson, Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and many more.

Right about now, there's probably one question on your mind …

Does this stuff really work?

In case you're still unsure, not only have I been called 'THE' mentor of entrepreneurs, I've also created from scratch, acquired and grew 27 global companies in several industries, generating me an annual combined revenue of over US$30 million!

And I'm 100% results-oriented.

I will only share with you stuff that actually works (regardless of your industry), not some theory concepts that is impossible to apply to the real world.
It's a freaking awesome training! I just closed a business for over RM500,000 for my business and I never did it before. In less than 24 hours! I recommend that all should come and learn from Kane - Noor Azlan Firdaus Bin Mohamed
I just made over RM100,000 and I can't believe it! This is my first time doing and I am applying exactly what Kane has just taught me. And I tell you… it really blows my mind! Thank you very much! - Sunny Low
After I pick up a few techniques from Industry Rockstar, I got my results within 24 hours. I managed to close a deal of US$3,300 applying just simple steps - Jaginder Singh
I'm currently an employee hoping to start my own business soon one day. I came to this program without any idea what to do. But guess what… I came up with a brand new business idea and I actually closed my first deal! - Michelle
Here's what you are going to learn and I promise
you won't be disappointed
7 Dangerous (Must-know) Trends Businesses Face Today and How You Can Avoid Them
The #1 Ultimate Business Breakthrough Strategy that WILL Change the Way You Do Business Forever … Not to be missed!
How to Dominate Your Marketplace WITHOUT Having to Spend Tons of Advertising Resources
5 Killer Ways to Beat Your Competitors Online and Generate a Constant Stream of Ready-buying Customers Knocking on Your Doors
How to Scale Your Business and Charge at High Premium Prices Your Customers WILL Pay For
I know it sounds like a bold claim but some of the strategies and concepts I teach will surprise even the most seasoned business owners.

And those who fail to change with the times will, and are, being "cleaned out".

You don't have to be one of them.

This high-end training will give you all the tools, tactics and strategies to ensure you won't be one of the "cleansed".

This training opportunity is the first step.
22 - 24 January 2016   |   Friday - Sunday   |   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
It's your turn to discover the Industry Rockstar formula and really explode your business and income.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.

To your success,

Kane Minkus
Award-winning Entrepreneur and Global Business Growth Expert