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18 October 2015  |  Singapore Expo @ Max Atria, Level 2

Seminar Overview

Join powerhouse speakers Joey Yap, Adam Khoo, Daniel Loh and Terence Tan for this one of its kind seminar where you'll discover techniques and applications to unlock your unlimited potential that will impact your everyday life and financial future.

Unravel Sun Tzu's Art of War principles and learn the ultimate tool of war - Qi Men Dun Jia. Apply it in business, career, management, relationships and personal development. Some of the things you'll pick up from Joey at this event:

• Recognize your strengths using Qi Men and to gain the unfair advantage

• Removing or avoiding obstacles in your environment

• Transforming your life using Qi Men

• Making the right decisions especially in tough times and a rough economy


If you are into business or a highly driven individual, you will get the most out of this event. It's not only about improvements, but really about getting the unfair advantage with the right tools and knowledge.
Is it a gloom-and-doom economy or how do you see this as a tremendous opportunity and take advantage of the financial crisis to create a lifetime of wealth?

The trouble is a lot of people both experienced or new to investing are panicking because they do not realize that successful investors actually create their biggest fortune because of the decisions and actions they took during crisis that set them up for huge profits when the economy recovers.

What you'll learn from Adam:

• Discover a simple mathematically proven technique that will guarantee your first taste of investing success

• Highly reliable tips and strategies to apply if you want to achieve consistent investment returns

• How to select undervalued stocks for the biggest gains

• Secrets to generate a million dollars before retirement just by conservatively investing $300 or less a month

Discover how anyone can achieve a 90% win rate when trading and what are the opportunities you should look out for in 2016.

Daniel will reveal in this event, how anyone can achieve a consistent 10% returns on your portfolio every month using a simplified options trading strategy.

What you will take away with you after this event:

• Where are the opportunities right now and which are the highlights you should look out for in 2016. (Do not miss this golden opportunity to flip huge returns which only come once every few years)

• How Warren Buffett and the other big players hedge their risks in trading. (When you learn how these professionals manage their risks, you will discover how easily anyone can achieve a 90% win rate in trading)

• Discover the bank's best kept secret on how they never lose money on warrants and how anyone is able to be like them. (You will be surprised by how this simple strategy can easily generate you consistent returns every month)
Social marketing is simply the easiest way to venture into online entrepreneurship - because it does not require you to have prior knowledge about online marketing or computer programming. So it is perfect for beginners who are especially not computer savvy and know nothing about HTML.

The exciting thing about this system is that it shows you step-by-step how to capitalise on the social media activities that you are already familiar with i.e. LIKING & SHARING GREAT CONTENT!

You will learn from Terence Tan:

• The online marketing tricks that the six figure guys use - exposed in copyable step-by-step detail

• The biggest revelation to hit online marketing in three years

• How to grow both your web site and traffic rapidly from 100% VIRAL content.

• How to attract as many visitors to your online offers as you need, whenever you need them... and how to not pay a single red cent for them..

• How to create "instant high click through ads" that practically force your visitors to click on your all your ads

Event Details
18 October 2015  |  Singapore Expo @ Max Atria, Level 2, Peridot Room  |  9am - 6pm